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Aerial Familiar Skin Lucky Box

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Aerial Familiar Skin Lucky Box 3.png

Required Level: 1
Bind on Obtain: Yes
Class: All Classes
Quality: Common
Status: Untradable, Unsellable, Indestructible

Contains a random flying familiar skin.


Ellun.png Ellun : 30

NX coin.png NX: N/A

Description:[edit | edit source]

June 29 – July 26 in the Special tab

Lucky Boxes allow you to receive one random item from a set list when you open them. TheAerial Familiar Skin Lucky Box grants you one random aerial familiar skin (Rank A - C).

  • Rank A skins grant you Move Speed +4%, Max Health +20%
  • Rank B skins grant you Move Speed +3%, Max Health +15%
  • Rank C skins grant you Move Speed +2%, Max Health +10%

Here are the items you can find inside. You have a 4% chance to find Rank A skins, a 16% chance to find Rank B skins, and an 80% chance to find Rank C skins.

A Lighting Bloodwyrm
A Thunder Squawker
B Luminous Benthic
B Black Crow
B Crystal Songbird
B Ethereal Phoenix
C Yellow Scalleda
C White Benthic
C White Eagle
C Red Buzzard
C Orange Owl
C Yellow Phoenix
C Black Bloodwyrm
C White Squawker