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Welcome Riders! This is a guide to teach you the basics of Riders of Icarus and to help you get started on your journey to save Hakanas from the clutches of Salant.


Once you select your class and complete character customization, you're taken directly to a cutscene. You witness the princess's kidnap by mounted riders; you and other guards are captured. You wake up to see a Crow coming into the prison to rescue you and your companions. After your release from your cell, you must run to the weapon rack and pick up a weapon (class specific). You must help Crow fight your way out of the prison. Along the way, you will be joined by two companions and fight Warden Rex. Once Rex hits about 50% HP, a Warding Stone will begin to shield him and you must destroy the stone before you can finish off Rex. After your first boss fight, you will mount up on a Pegasus and follow Crow out of the prison. You'll find yourself at the aerial platform. Follow the bridge off the prison as indicated by yellow arrows and leap off into flight to trigger another cutscene. It depicts your arrival by crash landing into Brakarr Forest.


Available quests are marked with exclamation points (Storyquest.png or Sidequest.png or Dq.png). Quests in progress are marked with question marks (Ipq.png) which upon completion will turn into a four-point star mark (Sqf.png). Repeatable quests have circles around the appropriate marker. Your minimap contains colored areas and Xs to indicate where you have to go to complete your quests.

The main storyline quests are shown with yellow icons. The storyline will guide you through different areas as you level up. Side quests are shown in blue and although unnecessary, is recommended for leveling up and taming certain bosses. Daily quests, which become available after you've finished an area's main quests, are shown in green. Most quests are repeatable but do not reward much experience or money.


(see Taming for more detail)

You will learn to tame mounts at level 5 with a Brakarr Gallant during a main story quest.

When you tame a creature, you get a level 1 mount of that creature. Mounts gain exp and level by standing around or moving. Your mount can never become a higher level than you.

Mounts are generally used for movement, and have different grades. You'll be able to tell by hovering your mouse over the monster and looking for the text, or just checking the bestiary.

Common (1 star) - Have low HP and low Endurance Points. Common ground mounts have on average 6.00 speed. The Brakarr Gallant you get from the main quest line has 6.50. Common flying mounts have on average 9.00 speed.

Elite (2 star) - Have higher HP and EP than Common mounts. Elite ground mounts have on average 7.00 speed. The three Elite mounts obtainable in Brakarr Forest are Pritsha the Cannibal, Cold Tusk, and Taslan the Devourer. Elite flying mounts also have about 9.00 speed, but can fly higher and have more EP than Common mounts.

Heroic (3 star) - Have higher HP and EP than even Elite mounts. Heroic ground mounts have speeds ranging from 7.25 to 8.00. Heroic flying mounts have at least 10.00 speed, fly higher, and have more EP than Elite mounts. Heroic mounts also have the Mythic Resilience passive, which lets you ignore the global debuffs from later areas, such as Parna's Coast and Tritael Rift.

Legendary (4 star) - No data, but even better than Heroic mounts. Legendary mounts also have a passive Resilience to let them ignore all global debuffs.

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