Brakarr Forest Bestiary

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Tamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of tamable familiars. You can tame these.


Pet star.png Pet star.png

TaslanICon.png Taslan the Devourer PristhaIcon.png Pritsha the Cannibal ColdTuskIcon.png Cold-Tusk


Pet star.png

JoeyIcon.png Woodland Joey ShimmerwoodTurtleIcon.png Shimmerwood Turtle Savagegreywolficon.png Savage Gray Wolf
RuinsWolfIcon.png Ruins Wolf AlphaGrayIcon.png Gray Wolf Alpha GrayWolfIcon.png Gray Wolf
FuryBoarIcon.png Fury Boar FeralboarIcom.png Feral Boar BrakkarGallantIcon.png Brakarr Gallant
Blackwolficon.png Black Wolf

UnTamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of untamable familiars. You can not tame these no matter how much you try.

Ruins Fox Red Fox Woodland Boar
Ferocious Boar Tree Fairy Shimmerwisp
Mad Tree Fairy Queen Elquines Shimmerwood Sprite
Sunsap Blossom

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