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Caldera Firebeak

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Caldera Firebeak
Caldera Firebeak.jpg
Level 22
Species Songbird
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★
Temper Hostile
Taming Points 4
Mount Type Flying
Seal Effects(Lv.1)

Health 21 ~ 41

Mana 22 ~ 36
Talent Pts 110

Description[edit | edit source]

Caldera Firebeak is a tamable Elite enemy found at the Broken Caldera, within Hakanas Highlands. The player needs to possess the Phoenix Flare in order to tame one.

Taken from Bestiary In-Game
Caldera Firebeak's location on the map

Though caldera firebeaks are born in flame, the birds are surprisingly weak to fire. Firebeaks can be hazardous as mounts as they are known to spontaneously combust. To tame this bird, one must first craft a phoenix flare. Priests of Nerhes at the Broken Caldera should know the recipe.

― From Modi Fahl's "Journal of Discrete Ornithology"

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Caldera Firebeak's are everywhere within the Broken Caldera, so one will need to be quite careful when going to tame one, as with all familiars, you do not control where they go once you hop on and could run into others if you're alone. This is also the location where the Elite Griffin Scalleda resides (see its page on how to obtain). When first entering the area, the overall damage the creatures there can do to you can make them a rough familiars to tame alone, it's highly suggested to bring along some help to keep any other aerial threats away while attempting to tame one. Remember it is wise to lower the HP of the familiar as it is an Elite, which will increase your chance of success. And to help tame it you have to fly above it then jump down.

How to Tame[edit | edit source]

(Mounted picture: Caldera Firebeak)

In order to tame a Caldera Firebeak, the player must obtain the Phoenix Flare. Leading up to entering the Broken Caldera you will meet with the Priest of Nerhes Frayer, who has a quest you will obtain following the Main storyline, called To Fly Higher. Once completed the first time, it will turn into a repeatable, allowing you to obtain an infinite amount of flares. As a note though, you will also be rewarded a recipe from the quest as well that will allow you to craft the flare yourself.


Mount Details[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stat Value(Base)
LV 1 Lv 30
HP 750 2925
Energy 870 2088
Move Speed 9.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 31 132
Physical Defense 252 839
Max Level 30
Max Altitude 250

Skills[edit | edit source]

Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
SacredBirdOfPrey.png Sacred Bird of Prey 1 Familiar (Buff) Increases Magic Debuff by 30.00% for 20 sec. Instant 40 sec. 10 Melee Temporarily increases magic defense.
BirdOfPrey.png Bird of Prey 5 Familiar (Passive) Physical Attack increased by 5.00%. - - - - Increases attack.

Sealing Details[edit | edit source]

Seal stones are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. When you seal this mount away with a seal stone in order to use it on equipment enhancing, you get these stats:

And when you use the sealing stone to get talent points you get: Talent Power:

Sealed Stats:

Level 1: Level 30:

Health +39 Health +198

Mana +26 Mana +151