Civic Duty

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Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Create then Donate Copper Shield
  • Eliminate Meadow Viper 0/5
  • Eliminate Dark Mage 0/7

Civic Duty
Quest Type Daily
Map Hakain's Crossing
Region Hakain's Crossing
Minimum Level 13
Appropriate Level 15
Preceding Quest Artisanal Supplies
Granting NPC Bulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)
Reward NPC Bulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)
EXP Reward 4588 EXP.png
Money Reward 2P.png 46 C.png
Default Item Rewards
Steps to Complete

1. Defeat Meadow Viper 5/5 2. Eliminate Dark Mage 7/7

3. Craft then donate copper shield