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You're first introduced to crafting once you hit the main city, Hakain's Crossing. You'll get side quests that will walk you through the basics—Blueton on Artisan's Square in Hakain's Crossing will have the first quest.

Crafting categories[edit | edit source]

There are six crafting categories:

  • Weapon Crafting
    • Weapon crafting materials
    • Class weapons
    • Mounted weapons (crossbows, spears)
  • Armor Crafting
    • Armor crafting materials
    • Class armor
    • Off-hand gear
  • Jewelry Crafting
    • Jewelry crafting materials
    • Rings
    • Necklaces
    • Gems
  • Barder Crafting
    • Barder crafting materials
    • Familiar equipment
    • Marks for taming
  • Alchemy
    • Health elixirs
    • Mana elixirs
    • Stamina elixirs
    • Attribute elixirs
    • Bandages
    • Other consumables
  • Cooking
    • Health recovery food
    • Mana recovery food

How to craft[edit | edit source]

The crafting window showing the crafting categories and basic recipes for Weapon Crafting.

Press [N] to open your crafting window. There you will find the recipes you have learned. If you are near a crafting table and you have the needed materials, you can use this window to craft the items you want to craft.

Materials[edit | edit source]

You find materials out in the field (for example, copper ore for armor) and take them to a workshop. (Secondary) crafting materials are sold by crafting profession merchants.

Crafting recipes can be acquired through dungeons and raid bosses as well, including familiar taming item recipes.

Improving your proficiency[edit | edit source]

Your crafting proficiency increases by crafting items. To level up your crafting, talk to a crafter to raise your level. You can find crafters in most big towns. It requires at least two master crafts to rank up a level with a certain crafting profession.

Triumphant crafting[edit | edit source]

When crafting, there is a chance you will get extra or higher quality items. This is called 'Triumphant Crafting.' The higher your proficiency, the higher the chance you will craft triumphantly. You can also use double the required materials to increase this chance.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

There are currently 4 crafting stages per profession, and each stage is currently having at least 10 different recipes, after learning most of them (except Cooking).

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