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Level 52
Species Laiku
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★★
Temper Hostile
Taming Points 40
Mount Type Flying

Description[edit | edit source]

Elicuno is a tamable flying Heroic familiar found at Windhome Canyon.

Taken from Bestiary In-Game
Elicunos location on the map, 300m - 370m

Every few centuries, a rare dragon is born, bearing the power of the light. This dragon is called Elicuno, and it serves as a beacon of hope for all dragonkind. Many are drawn to it in peace, and seem to regard it as almost sacred. Some researchers have begun to call it the 'soul of the dragons'. The appearance of an Elicuno always draws a great many observers and adventurers. Should one be bold enough to attempt to tame it, a unique mark is needed to capture its radiance. Prion Roa of the ruins is one of the few living beings who knows how to craft a mark so powerful.

― From Tobark's "Forgotten Creatures"

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Elicuno can be found flying in a circular flight path around the edge of Glimmer Valley and flies a little bit up into Razor Cliff. It flies clockwise around 300m - 370m in the air. There are no other hostile mobs around Elicuno which makes it a lot easier to tame. He has a lot of stops throughout his flight path which makes it easier to find Elicuno if you wait long enough.

How to Tame[edit | edit source]

Elicuno as a Mount

Taming Elicuno requires the Elicuno Mark and lower its health significantly before taming.

Mount Details[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stat Value
Lv 1 Lv 55
HP 2133 8532
Energy 2552 9204
Move Speed 13.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 87 368
Physical Defense 397 1447
Max Level 55

Skills[edit | edit source]

Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
Mythic Resilience png.png Mythic Resilience 1 Passive Grants immunity to the environmental effects of Parna's Coast, Tritael Rift, Cloying Wastes, and Ellora's Sanctuary. - - - - Mythical familiars can shrug off the environmental status effects of the regions before Akrat.
Princely Brilliance (64x64).png Princely Brilliance 1 Passive
Level 1 Level 55
Magic Attack increased by 22.00%

Health increased by 18.00%

Magic Attack increased by 36.00%

Health increased by 30.00%

- - - - Increases physical attack and max health.
Jungle Sanctuary (64x64).png Jungle Sanctuary 1 Passive Move speed increased by 20%

Familiar EXP increased by 25%

- - - - Increases chance t gain move speed and familiar experience in Ellora's Santuary and Windhome Canyon.
Instant Acceleration (64x64).png Instant Acceleration 1 Buff Increases move speed by 100% for 5 seconds Instant 2 min 30 sec 50 Energy 17.0m Temporary increases move speed.

Sealing Details[edit | edit source]

Seal stones are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. When you seal this mount away with a seal stone in order to use it on equipment enhancing, you get these stats:

Sealed Stats Lvl 1 Lvl 55
Magic Attack 97-107 125-182
All Atributes 13-15 23-28

And when you use the sealing stone to get talent points you get: 550 points