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The Familiar Herd Buff system allows you to receive a unique buff depending on familiars you’ve registered with the Familiar Herd Buff system.

Speak with NPC Daryl to begin the process of combining your stable of familiars to activate a buff.

NPC Daryl
NPC Daryl 1.png

The available buffs, how long they last and their familiar formula to activate will be available for you to see.

As you upgrade your farm, you can acquire additional buff formulas. A mid-grade fence upgrade adds 2 new buff formulas.

While the familiar is being used for the buff, they will not be available for you to use or receive EXP during this process.

The cooldown for each buff varies and formulas used will also receive a cooldown before it can be used again.

Only MAX level familiars can be used with this system.

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