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How to Fish?[edit | edit source]

To fish you will need a rod and bait. These can be found from the merchants at the fishing areas in Midellas. Manual fishing involves a mini game where you will try to land the slider into the fish circle to catch a fish.

Manual Fishing.gif

If you have auto-reels in you inventory, you can fish automatically. You can purchase auto-reels from the merchants at the fishing areas. Auto fishing means that you will not need to participate in the fishing mini game.

Auto Fishing.gif

Fishing Areas[edit | edit source]

At present there are 5 areas where you can fish either manually or automatically. You can also fish in the solo instance - Paradise Island

Fishing Areas
Area Creel Sundries Large Fish Extra Large Fish
Divinity Shore Fishery
Divinity Shore Fishery.jpg

Rainbow Reef Fishery
Rainbow Reef Fishery.jpg

  • Flowerhorn
  • Fingerling
  • Dace
  • Fancy Bait
  • Yellow Clownfish
  • CLownfish
  • Lv. 140 Elite Tempering Stone
  • Lv. 150 Elite Tempering Stone
  • Shiny Fishing Mark (Event)
  • Fishing Maniac's Weapon Skin (7 Day) (Event)
Philosopher's Fishery
Philosopher's Fishery.jpg

Elgaden Fishery
Elgaden Fishery.jpg

Eternity Lake
Eternity Lake.jpg

  • Kherim Ingot (15 Pack)
  • Kherim Alloy (15 Pack)
  • Kherim Powder (15 Pack)
  • Kherim Weave (15 Pack)
  • Stygaea Coin (35 Pack)
  • Stygaea Coin (50 Pack)
  • Stygaea Coin (300 Pack)
  • Stygaea Coin (500 Pack)
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