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In order to fly in Riders of Icarus, you will need to be mounted on a familiar that is capable of flight.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Press "Y" to access familiar list

You can mount a familiar by selecting it from your familiars list press Y keyboard.png, or you can double click on the familiar if you have set the familiar on your class or mounts slots within your skills bar. Pressing U keyboard.png will mount or dismount your most recently summoned familiar.

  • To go forward, press W keyboard.png
  • To turn left, press A keyboard.png
  • To turn right, press D keyboard.png
  • To go backwards, press S keyboard.png

Height Bar[edit | edit source]

Flying tutorial Height bar normal.png Flying tutorial Height bar yellow.png Flying tutorial Height bar red.png

  • All flying mounts have a maximum height, if you exceed the maximum height, you will be dismounted automatically and begin to fall.
  • Each region also has a maximum height, the height bar will begin to flash orange as you approach the region height.
  • It will start to flash red when you are very close to exceeding the maximum height.
  • You can descend vertically by pressing Shift keyboard.png and X keyboard.png or you can dismount by pressing U keyboard.png, fall and re-mount by pressing U keyboard.png

Gliding[edit | edit source]

  • To fly press and hold the W keyboard.png
  • To activate gliding, press and hold the W keyboard.png and double click and hold the Space bar keyboard.png

While gliding you will lose familiar energy faster than when you are flying. You will also be slowly descending.

Flying on a mount
Gliding on a mount

Energy[edit | edit source]

As you fly or glid, your current familiar will lose familiar energy. Once a familiar has lost all of its energy,you will be dismounted and it can not be used to fly or glid until they have regained energy. You may use energy potions to restore the energy of a familiar.

Flying tutorial energy.png

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Please be aware of Tritael Rift region debuff. Debuff - Resonance - iFamiliar Altitude decreased by 200, Max EP decreased by 50%. Familiars not native to the Rift suffer from its evil resonance. Heroic grade or higher familiars have resistance to this debuff.

Below is a list of titles which can effect your familiar's maximum altitude.

Title Requirements Bonus
Rift Rider An EVENT title for any who would challenge the dangers of the Tritael Rift Familiar Altitude +200
Pegasus Owner Complete the Flight of the Pegasus quest in Trtael Rift Familiar Altitude +30
Shipmate Complete 48 quests in Sea of Hakanas Familiar altitude +30
Rift Defender Complete 107 quest in Tritael Rift Familiar Altitude +50

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