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Beta Closed

The Founder Packs puchare before to open the beta and the limit for a puchare it's a 00:00 PST on July 5, 2016

Old Information[edit | edit source]

Our Riders are eager to tame and ride the beasts of Hakanas as they await the next phase of testing for Riders of Icarus! In the meantime we have some great news to share. We’re excited to announce that Open Beta for Riders of Icarus will begin on July 6, 2016. In preparation for that launch, Riders of Icarus Founder’s Packs are now available for purchase! ~ CuddleWings (May 5 2016)

Elite Riders Pack.jpg Heroic Riders Pack.jpg Legendary Riders Pack.jpg
Elite Riders Pack Heroic Riders Pack Legendary Riders Pack

Founder’s Packs Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]


Do I need to purchase to Founder’s Pack to play Riders of Icarus when Open Beta launches?
No. Riders of Icarus will be free to play when Open Beta begins. The Founder’s Pack provide guaranteed Closed Beta access, a 7-day head start access to Open beta, and exclusive bonus items depending on the pack.

Why are there multiple Founder’s Packs available for purchase?
There are many different players that can offer different levels of support towards Riders of Icarus, so we wanted to ensure there was a level that can fit every excited fan looking forward to playing our game.

Can I buy multiple Founder's Packs?
If you purchase either the Elite or Heroic Riders Pack, you can purchase a higher level pack. However, if you purchase a Legendary Riders Pack, you will not be able to purchase the Elite or Heroic Packs.

Can I upgrade my Founder's Pack?
No, but if you purchased either the Elite or Heroic Riders Pack, you can purchase a higher level pack in addition to the first pack. Duplicate items will exists when purchasing a higher level pack.

If I purchase a Founder's Pack and change my mind, can I get a refund?
For purchases completed through the Nexon America Founder’s Pack shop, please contact Nexon America Customer Support HERE for any refund requests.For any purchases completed through Steam, you will need to contact Valve HERE regarding refund requests.

Can I gift a Founder's Pack to a friend?

Can I transfer my Founder’s Pack items to another account?
No, you cannot transfer Founder’s Pack items from one account to another.

I purchased a Founder's Pack, what will happen next?
The Founder's Pack will grant you early access to the game on June 29th. Upon login, you will be able to redeem your Founder's Pack items from your character’s Ellora’s Storage.

What payment methods can I use to purchase Founder's Packs?
You can use the following methods of payment: PayPal, PayPalPayFlowLink, Karma Koin, NXCash and Paysafecard.

How long will Founder’s Packs be available for purchase?
Founder’s Pack will be available to purchase until midnight Pacific Time on July 5th, 2016.

Can I purchase a Founder’s Pack from my local retailer?
Founder’s Packs can only be purchased online, via our website, or other selected online retailers.


Are all item rewards available to all characters on an account forever, or the first character created?
Every character on the purchasing account will receive all items in the Founder's Pack with the exception of the Premium Service and the Ellun box. The Ellun Box and Premium Service will be awarded to the first character created on the purchasing player’s account.

Are character name reservations on a per-server basis?

Are the rewards automatically redeemed?
These packs can be found and redeemed from your character’s Ellora’s Storage.

Are the benefits of the Premium Service applied to all of the characters on my account?
No. The Premium Service will be awarded to the first character created on the purchasing player’s account.

When do the benefits of Premium Service begin?
The duration of the Premium Service starts when the first character is created


What is “7-Day Open Beta Head Start”?

The 7-Day Open Beta Head Start gives you access to log in and play Riders of Icarus 7 days before players who have not purchased a Founder’s Pack.

Are the items in the Founder's Pack tradable? Can any of the items be made tradable by an in-game item?
All items in the Founder’s Pack are non-tradeable.

How rare are the mounts from the Founder's Pack?
The mounts are exclusive and can only be obtained through purchasing the Founder's Packs.

How many character slots will I have if I do not purchase a Heroic or Legendary Riders Pack?
Each player will receive 3 character slots prior to purchasing either the Heroic or Legendary Riders Pack. By purchasing either the Heroic or Legendary Riders Pack, you will receive one additional character slot bringing your total available character slots to 4.

How many Talismans can one character wear at once?
There is no limit to the amount of talismans that can be used at one time; however the effects of a talisman will not double if you have two of the same.

Is the outfit gender specific? Will the Founder's Pack contain a male and female version?
There is only one single item which can be used on both genders, male& female.

How many inventory slots will I have if I do not purchase the Legendary Rider's Pack that includes the 24-slot Designer Bag?
You are given 24 inventory slots by default. With the Designer Bag, you will have 48 slots.

Are Pet Warden Rex and Pet Fairy Queen Elquines exclusive to Pack B and C? If I want the Pet Fairy Queen Elquines but want the other contents from Pack C, do I have to purchase Pack B and C?
Yes, in order to acquire both pets, you have to purchase both the Heroic and Legendary Riders Packs. For example: If a you buy the Heroic Riders Pack you will be able to buy the Legendary one to get Rex, however you cannot purchase the Legendary pack to receive Pet Fairy Queen Elquines.

Can I get the items in the Founder’s Packs without purchasing a Founder’s Pack?
A number of items (including the Founder’s Title and the exclusive mounts) are exclusive to the Founder’s Packs and will not be available for purchase in the in-game store or acquired as drops in the game.

Here are the items exclusive to the Founder’s Packs:

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