Hakanas Highlands Bestiary

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Tamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of tamable familiars. You can tame these.


Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png

CalyptoIcon.png Calypto DemonusIcon.png Demonus HameonIcon.png Hameon


Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png

AgnasIcon.png Agnas the Red GarmeIcon.png Garme


Pet star.png Pet star.png

Al-shaiicon.png Al-Shai Baranossaurusicon.png Baranosaurus Blackwindicon.png Black Wind
BloodDestriericon.png Blood Destrier Bluebloodwyrmicon.png Blue Bloodwyrm CalderaFirebeakIcon.png Caldera Firebeak
Fenrisicon.png Fenris ChakaiIcon.png Chakai FrostSpidericon.png Frost Spider
FrostClawBearicon.png Frostclaw Bear Hoonbabaicon.png Hoonbaba LeoridIcon.png Leorid
Logashicon.png Logash MagmaHound.png Magma Hound NatanIcon.png Natan the Tyrant
RogatonIcon.png Rogaton the White RubyBloodwyrmicon.png Ruby Bloodwyrm ScalledaIcon.png Scalleda
Trutanicon.png Trutan VulkanusIMG.png Vulkanus


Pet star.png

Reindeericon.png Ambermane Caribou Reindeericon.png Ambermane Doe Aranosauricon.png Aranosaur
Blackbisonicon.png Black Bison Blackstormwing.png Black Stormwing Blueflamephoenixicon.png Blueflame Phoenix
Reindeericon.png Crystalhorn Doe Reindeericon.png Crystalhorn Stag Reindeericon.png Darkhoof Reindeer
DarkmaneCaribouicon.png Darkmane Caribou EmberStoneFlamecresticon.png Emberstone Flamecrest FierceBuffaloicon.png Fierce Buffalo
Graymaneicon.png Graymane Bear Pantherprowlericon.png Highland Panther Ignishoundicon.png Ignis Hound
Reindeericon.png Kellwoods Reindeer Lavashelltortisticon.png Lavashell Tortoise WildBuffaloicon.png Matted Buffalo
MorinehTurtleIcon.png Morineh Turtle Pantherprowlericon.png Panther Prowler Redfeatherhatchlingicon.png Redfeather Hatchling
Reindeericon.png Ruins Reindeer WarriorBearicon.png Scavenger Bear Shadowhoundicon.png Shadow Hound
Shadowwolficon.png Shadow Wolf SpottedCowicon.png Spotted Cow Undeadspidericon.png Undead Spider
Unicornicon.png Unicorn WarriorBearicon.png Warrior Bear White-pantherIcon.png White-maned Panther
White-pantherIcon.png White-whisker Panther WildBuffaloicon.png Wild Buffalo

UnTamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of untamable familiars. You can not tame these no matter how much you try.

Highlands Fox Blacktail Fox Drake Bee
Soldier Bee Mercenary Wasp Knight Bee
Squire Bee Raider Archer
Marauder Blue Wisp Lake Fairy

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