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Hakanas Voucher Guide[edit | edit source]

By Drakaro

“As the God of Ruin’s energy rises, so too does the enemies across Midellas. Crow has dispatched representatives to each region to keep this evil at bay. But to successfully overcome these beings, they need the help of adventurers. Your help will be rewarded with the honorable Hakanas Voucher.” - <Hakanas Voucher Trade>

What are Hakanas Vouchers?[edit | edit source]

Hakanas Vouchers are reward items for completing daily quests that require you to defeat World Bosses throughout different regions. You can use Hakanas Vouchers to purchase items from the Hakanas Voucher Shop. These items are useful to players of all levels!

How to obtain Hakanas Vouchers[edit | edit source]

Visit the quest giver located near the World Shrine of the following regions, accept their quests, and defeat one of the listed bosses. World Boss locations can be viewed on your map after accepting the quests. In total, you can earn 16 vouchers a day on 1 character.

World Bosses[edit | edit source]

Hakanas Highlands World Boss: Merciless Jeranin

Parna’s Coast World Bosses: Ashuram, Chieftain Keron, Chief Archer Poseana, Mage Chief Usula, Bismuth the Ruthless

Quest Giver: Ga’art <Hakanas Voucher Trade>, Sansupus Camp OR Reedwatch

Reward: Hakanas Voucher x1

Jeranin Ashuram
Voucher Jeranin.jpg
Voucher Ashuram.jpg
Usula, Keron, Poseana Bismuth
Voucher Keron.jpg
Voucher Bismuth.jpg

Tritael Rift World Bosses: Flam, Ikeria, Kelsier, Faudrus, Jumawu

Quest Giver: Panult <Hakanas Voucher Trade>, Maelstrom Perch

Reward: Hakanas Voucher x2

Flam Ikeria Kelsier
Voucher Flam.jpg
Voucher Ikeria.jpg
Voucher Kelsier.jpg
Faudrus Jumawu
Voucher Faudrus.jpg
Voucher Jumawu.jpg

Cloying Wastes World Bosses: Mage Aggressor Lazart, Mupadin, Commander Kashim, Zenon the Slayer, Sandstorm

Quest Giver: Kazant <Hakanas Voucher Trade>, Alseik

Reward: Hakanas Voucher x5

Lazart Mupadin Kashim
Voucher Lazart.jpg
Voucher Mupadin.jpg
Voucher Kashim.jpg
Zenon Sandstorm
Voucher Zenon.jpg
Voucher Sandstorm.jpg

Ellora Sanctuary World Boss: Lenanzar

Windhome Canyon World Boss: Pridon Roa

Quest Giver: Rumant <Hakanas Voucher Trade>, Rouna Camp

Reward: Hakanas Voucher x8

Lenanzar Roa
Voucher Lenanzar.jpg
Voucher Roa.jpg

Hakanas Voucher Shop[edit | edit source]

There are currently three tabs in the shop: Equipment, Consumable, and Skill Books. I have listed the items available with my opinion about purchasing each item.


- Ruinous Weapon Box

- Ruinous Crossbow Box

- Ruinous Lance Box

Ruinous weapons are great for players leveling through Tritael Rift. Each box costs 1 voucher, a great deal for new players! Using Ruinous weapons can make the leveling process from 35 to 40 easier.

- Karasha Weapon Box

- Karasha Crossbow Box

- Karasha Lance Box

- Karasha Armor Box

- Karasha Necklace Box

- Karasha Ring I Box

- Karasha Ring II Box

Karasha gear is great for players leveling through Cloying Wastes. Each box costs 10 vouchers. It’s wiser to purchase the gear from the Marketplace than waste your vouchers on these boxes. I personally would only buy the Weapon, Crossbow, Necklace, Ring I, and Ring II boxes if there is absolutely nothing on the Marketplace and you’re having a hard time getting through the region. Using Karasha gear can make the leveling process from 40 to 50 easier.

- Ellora Sanctuary Legendary Jewelry Lucky Box

For a whopping 120 vouchers, purchasing this box is a huge no no. Ellora jewelry outranks Karasha, but you won’t find yourself using this set for very long. You must obtain the full set for it to be considered useful. Considering that you can get any random piece from this box, I highly advise against purchasing it!

- Exalted Weapon Box

- Exalted Crossbow Box

- Exalted Lance Box

- Exalted Armor Box

- Exalted Ring I Box

- Exalted Ring II Box

- Exalted Necklace Box

Exalted gear is great for players leveling through Ellora’s Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon. However, each box costs 110 vouchers! I therefore consider these boxes the same as the Ellora Jewelry Lucky Box. Exalted gear is usually available on the Marketplace for cheap prices. Using Exalted gear can make the leveling process from 50 to 55 easier.


- Heroic Seal Stone

- Legendary Seal Stone

Seals stones are generally easy to obtain in the game. They can often be found on the Marketplace for cheap prices. I’d use vouchers on other available items.

- Heroic Familiar Box (Hakanas, Parna)

This is perhaps the best thing available in the shop! For only 1 voucher per box, you will receive an actual heroic mount native to Hakanas Highlands or Parna’s Coast! Using the mount will count towards your Bestiary too! This is an easy way for new players to get mounts, pets, and seals to help with leveling. End-game players use these boxes for familiar tempering and talent points.

- Tritael Rift Heroic Mark Box

Tritael Rift Heroic marks are on the rarer side of available marks. They can be a pain to craft, are not as available on the Marketplace, and rarely drop in loot boxes. For only 2 vouchers per box, I’d argue they are a fair investment if you are working towards completing your Rift Bestiary. Several Rift Heroics are used as ingredients for marks to tame legendary mounts such as Graveon, Magma Beast, and Ahnturagen.

- Cloying Wastes Heroic Mark Lucky Box

Lucky? Definitely not fated. For 10 vouchers per box, Cloying Wastes Heroic marks are easier to obtain through the Marketplace, dungeons, Paradise Island, and Familiar Adventures.

- Exalted Heroic Mark Box

These boxes contain marks for Heroics native to Ellora’s Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon. For 30 vouchers per box, the marks are easier to obtain from the World Bosses native to the regions and Familiar Adventures.

- Cloying Wastes Legendary Familiar Mark Material Box

- Ellora Sanctuary Legendary Familiar Mark Material Box

Notice that these are Mark Materials, not the actual mark! 30 vouchers for the Cloying and 50 vouchers for the Ellora. Definitely not worth it!

Skill Books:

Some skills books can be hard to obtain for each class. Using these skill books will teach your character a hidden skill. The shop offers a few skill books for your character, the cost varying from 20 to 30 vouchers. It’s a solid investment if you are unable to obtain the the skill books through other methods!

Video[edit | edit source]

I created a video of myself soloing 4 of the World Bosses to obtain 16 vouchers. Do not attempt to solo if you are a new player! Find a guild that can help you or shout that you need help with vouchers. A party can finish the daily quests within 10 to 15 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAmSVqes0RU&feature=youtu.be