Lavalight Cave

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Lavalight Cave
Region Hakanas Highlands (North)
Minimum Level 13
Tamable Familiars (Heroic Only) Magma Hound
Final Boss Lavalight Golem
Lavalight Cave Loading pic.jpg

Description[edit | edit source]

Lavalight Cave, LLC, is the first dungeon players will encounter and is located in the south-west region of the Hakanas Highlands. The recommended starting level is 13-15. The dungeon-specific gear dropped in Lavalight Cave is called the Emberstone set. Outside the tunnel leading to the entranceway, an NPC named Private Corance offers repeatable quests.

Taken from the dungeon entrance In-Game

Enemies[edit | edit source]

[E] = Elite Ranking [H] = Heroic Ranking

The boss and miniboss will scale with the level of difficulty you choose, i.e.: Choosing heroic sets them to be "Heroic" enemies while choosing elite sets them to be "Elite" enemies.

[E] Burning Skeleton Archer [E] Burning Skeleton Soldier [E] Burning Skeleton Knight Emberstone Rockling [E] Emberstone Sentinel Resting Skelton Dragon Egg [E] Magma Hound [E] [H] Scorched Skeleton Captain [E] [H] Emberstone Golem
Level 13 14 15 13 15 13 14 15 16 15-17
Story Count 5 8 5 10 5 9 8-9 0 1 1
Elite Count 8 10 4 17 11 10 8-9 1 1 1
Heroic Count 8 11 4 19 9 15 8-9 1-2 1 1

Locations[edit | edit source]

Enemy and NPC locations on the map

The magenta arrow located along the path (middle of the map) is a quest NPC

Story Elite

Drop Tables[edit | edit source]

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