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Legendary: Eater of Flame and Shadow

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Quest Type Daily
Map Hakain's Crossing
Region Victory Plaza
Minimum Level 40
Appropriate Level 40
Preceding Quest New News
Granting NPC Seratia (Lion of Ellora)
Reward NPC Seratia (Lion of Ellora)
EXP Reward 104004
Money Reward 23 P.png 92 C.png
Default Item Rewards
Lv 40 Legendary Emblem (3)
Steps to Complete

1) Obtain Fire Crystal 5/5

2) Obtain Crystal of Darkness 5/5


One of the essences my sisters keep is quite peculiar. It must absorb darkness and fire in order to sustain itself. I would have you travel to Rivengate. The knights and shamen of that place carry crystals of darkness that we can feed to the essence.

The Laetta that fly 550 meters above the southern Resonance of Magic carry fire crystals. Bring me these things and I will give you a gift.

― Seratia (Lion of Ellora)