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You can use a mailbox which is placed in various places within the game in order to either receive or send mail.

Sending Mail[edit | edit source]

Number Description
1 The name of the player that you wish to send the mail too.You can either manually type a player's name or you can click the Friends tab on the right and select him from the table
2 Enter the subject of the mail
3 Enter a message you wish to send the other player
4 You can enter the amount of Gold, Silver, or Copper you want to send to the other player
5 You can Add items you wish to send the other player. You may only send one to five items to the other player.
6 The Fee that the player needs to pay in order to send the mail.
7 Click this button in order to properly send the mail
8 Click here to cancel mail and not send it.

Receiving Mail[edit | edit source]

Number Description
1 The name of the player that send you the mail
2 The subject of the mail
3 Message that was sent with the mail
4 The amount of Gold, Silver, or Copper you received
5 Items that was also sent with the mail
6 Click to reply to the sender with own mail
7 Click to close the mail
8 Click to take all items attached to the mail and places in users inventory

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