Ornate Familiar EXP Potion

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Ornate Familiar EXP Potion
Ornate Familiar EXP Potion.png


Grade Common
Bound Yes
Required Level 1
Can Be Used Anywhere
Can Be Used By All Classes
Untradable Unsellable
Cooldown 5 sec
Grants the same amount of EXP that a familiar would obtain for being out of combat for 2 hours.

When consumed this potion will grant the same amount of experience to any familiar you are currently using as pet or mount that it would obtain for being out of combat for a certain time. Note that the familiar's level will not exceed the character's level.

Depending of it's provenance this item can come in different variants, meaning that some of them will be tradable and others not.

Obtainable from:

  1. Divinity Shore Fishery in Hakanas Highlands (untradable).
  2. Paradise Island (untradable).
  3. Hadakhan's Underground (tradable).