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Paragas the Mad

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Paragas the Mad
Paragas the Mad.jpg
Level 39
Species Dragon
Tamable Yes
Familiar Rank ★★★
Temper Hostile
Taming Points 40
Mount Type Flying
Seal Effects(Lv.1)

Physical Critical Damage 35-63

All Stats 10 ~ 14
Talent Pts 380

Description[edit | edit source]

Paragas the Mad is a tamable Heroic familiar that can be found hovering in place at approximately 285m near the center of the triangle that the Eclipsed Shrine, Ellora's Perch, and The Breach form, within Tritael Rift. The player needs to possess Paragas the Mad Mark in order to tame Paragas the Mad.

Taken from Bestiary In-Game
Paragas the Mad's location on the map

Paragas was once right-hand to Karasha, the leader of the Tempest Dragons. However, upon their invasion of the Tritael Rift, Paragas fled his former comrades and disappeared. The history suggests that he left to perform a special assignment for his lord, but he has been known to fight his own kind. Whether his mind was lost to the Rift or if he has changed allegiances is unknown.

While his motives may be unclear, many adventurers have seen this as an opportunity to tame the great dragon. Doing so would require a mark of great power. I can only assume that the power of its former master, Karasha, would be required to exert your influence over such a depraved mind.

― From Bynder's "Between Communion and Dominion

Strategy[edit | edit source]

How to Tame[edit | edit source]

In order to tame you may obtain Paragas The Mad Mark, He is flying between Ellora's Perch-Eclipsed Shrine and The Breach around 300m.

(Mounted picture: Paragas the Mad)

Mount Details[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stat Value(Base)
HP 1620
Energy 2001
Move Speed 10.00
Attack Speed 2.00
DPS 201
Physical Defense 331
Max Level 40

Skills[edit | edit source]

Ability Icon Name Unlocked Level Type Effect Cast Type Cooldown Cost Range Description
MythicResilience.png Mythic Resilience 1 Familiar (Passive) - - - - - Mythical familiars can shrug off the environmental status effects of all regions.
StalwartWill.png Mad Rage 1 Familiar (Passive) Physical Critical Damage increased by 50. Physical Critical Rare increased by 3.00% - - - - Increases Critical Damage and Critical Rate.

Possible Bug: Skill does not level up past this.

MadFury.png Mad Fury 5 Familiar (Passive) Physical Attack increased by 14.00% - - - - Increases Physical Damage.
RagingRoar.png Dragon Roar 1 Familiar (Buff) Increases Physical Critical Rate by 20.00% for 20 sec. Instant 40 sec. 10 Melee Temporarily Physical Critical Rate.
PowerPummel.png Spitfire 5 Familiar (Attack) Effect: 520-570 Damage Instant 25 sec. 10 22.0m Spits fire at the target, dealing additional fire damage.
MaddeningRoar.png Magma Breath 1 Familiar (Attack) Deals 100-150 damage to health every 1 sec for 4 sec. Cast 3 sec. 60 sec. 20 4.5m Garme's roar stuns nearby enemies.

Sealing Details[edit | edit source]

Seal stones are items that allow you to seal tamed familiars in order to either socket them into your gear for bonus stats or used to give talent points. When you seal this mount away with a seal stone in order to use it on equipment enhancing, you get these stats:

And when you use the sealing stone to get talent points you get: Talent Power: