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Tamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of tamable familiars. You can tame these.


Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png

PoreonIMG.png Poreon GarilonIMG.png Garilon


Pet star.png Pet star.png Pet star.png

ApocalypseIMG.png Apocalypse KarreshIMG.png Karresh PhantomIMG.png Phantom
TerrorKeravIMG.png Terror Kerav VenomousCaspertIMG.png Venomous Caspert


Pet star.png Pet star.png

AbyssalCoatraIMG.png Abyssal Coatra AmaranIMG.png Amaran BlahkIMG.png Blahk
BlueFrostWyvernIMG.png Blue Frost Wyvern BonethorpeIMG.png Bonethorpe CamaraIMG.png Camara
DainokIMG.png Dainok DeathbeakRodosIMG.png Deathbeak Rodos FrostIMG.png Frost
GrumpyGrosIMG.png Grumpy Gros KroogerIMG.png Krooger LahavIMG.png Lahav
LashakaIMG.png Lashaka MistIMG.png Mist MurasaIMG.png Murasa
RaidosIMG.png Raidos StraigaIMG.png Straiga ThundershieldIMG.png Thundershield Zepiros
TroyIMG.png Troy UruIMG.png Uru


Pet star.png

Blueflamephoenixicon.png Blizzard Phoenix WolfIMG.png Blizzard Wolf DarkmaneCaribouicon.png Coastal Reindeer
CunningBlueWolfIMG.png Cunning Blue Wolf WolfIMG.png Feral Snowclaw Wolf WarriorBearicon.png Ferocious Grizzly
AbyssalCoatraIMG.png Frostodon FrozenShriekerIMG.png Frozen Shrieker GrayWyrmIMG.png Gray Wyrm
LahavIMG.png Ice Floe Turtle IceHoundIMG.png Ice Hound LaikuIMG.png Laiku
Reindeericon.png Parna's Reindeer RoyalArosIMG.png Royal Aros SavageBlueWolfIMG.png Savage Blue Wolf
SilverShriekwingIMG.png Silver Shriekwing SnowTigerIMG.png Snow Tiger WolfIMG.png Snowclaw Wolf
SnowyOwlIMG.png Snowy Owl SnowTigerIMG.png Tamed Snow Tiger Bluebloodwyrmicon.png Tempest Drake
TundraBisonIMG.png Tundra Bison VenomousIceSpiderIMG.png Venomous Ice Spider ColdTuskIcon.png Whitecap Boar

UnTamable[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of untamable familiars. You can not tame these no matter how much you try.

Alliance Stingray Rock Turtle Beach Pelican
Beach Shield Crab Snapping Turtle Bada Naruta
Longbeak Pelican Prism Turtle Steeljaw Pelican
Sky Habratun

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