Pet Merciless Jeranin (Heroic)

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Pet Merciless Jeranin 3.png

Required Level: 1
Bind on Obtain: Yes
Class: All Classes
Quality: Heroic
Status: Untradable, Unsellable

Use this item to make Merciless jeranin your familiar.

Cooldown: 1 sec


Ellun.png Ellun : N/A

NX coin.png NX: 14,900

File:Merciless Jeranin (Heroic).gif
Merciless Jeranin (Heroic)

Merciless Jeranin (Heroic) 2.png

Merciless Jeranin (Heroic)

Max Level: 35
Recommended Classes: All Classes
Battle Companion:

  • Familiar attacks up close for melee damage
  • Great for all classes due to the increased DPS for both magical and physical characters

Comes with the following skills:

  • Jeranin’s Energy:
    • Level 1: Increases physical attack by 13%, increases magic attack by 13%, and increase health by 7%
    • Level 35: Increases physical attack by 25%, increases magic attack by 25%, and increase health by 10%
  • Jeranin’s Mending:
    • Restores 3% health every 2 seconds for 14 seconds
  • Mythic Resilience: Nullifies all environmental effects of all regions
  • Axe Spin: Attacks nearby enemies with a spinning axe

Seal Stone result at level 35:

  • Health: 292
  • All Stat: 17

Where can I get one?
Can be obtained from Event section in Cash shop.

Merciless Jeranin (Heroic) Level 1 Level 35
DPS 163 495
Physical Defense 497 1323
Move Speed 7 7
Attack Speed 2 2