Premium Familiar Skin Lucky Box

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Premium Familiar Skin Lucky Box 3.png

Required Level: 1
Bind on Obtain: Yes
Class: All Classes
Quality: Common
Status: Untradable, Unsellable, Indestructible

Contains a random familiar skin.


Ellun.png Ellun : 50

NX coin.png NX: 5,000

Description:[edit | edit source]

The Premium Familiar Skin Lucky Box is special in that it grants you one random aerial or ground familiar skin (Rank S - B) so you can receive a higher quality skin. You can still dismantle these skins to receive Lucky Coins, which can be exchanged for a specific skin with NPC Lucky’s Familiar Skin Shop.

  • Rank S skins grant you Move Speed +6%, Max Health +30%
  • Rank A skins grant you Move Speed +4%, Max Health +20%
  • Rank B skins grant you Move Speed +3%, Max Health +15%

Here are the items you can find inside. You have a 14% chance to find Rank S skins, a 28% chance to find Rank A skins, and an 57% chance to find Rank B skins.

S Flame-armored Horse Ground (New)
S Frozen Lyrudis Ground (New)
A Red Phoenix Aerial (New)
A Metal Reindeer Ground (New)
A Metal Garme Ground (New)
A Metal Turtle Ground (New)
B Striped Eagle Aerial (New)
B Black Saurus Ground (New)
B Golden Spider Ground (New)
B Black Wolf Ground
B Red-eyed Unicorn Ground
B Luminous Benthic Aerial
B Black Crow Aerial
B Crystal Songbird Aerial