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Information[edit | edit source]

The repeatable quest is Missions that can be repeated and are of type Side Quests. The missions repeatables get from the NPC's From a determined level repeated missions are removed.

The Brakarr Forest has not a repetable missions

Regions[edit | edit source]

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Civic DutyBulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)13
A Favor for BluetonBlueton (Master Craftsman)13
Bear HuntBulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)18
Operation: Dragon HuntBulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)24
A Problem of NumbersBulletin Board (Hakain's Crossing)24
Legendary: Eater of Flame and ShadowSeratia (Lion of Ellora)40

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Attaining PurityIve (Ruins Sentry)7
Werewolf SlayingBulletin Board (Sansupus Village)9
Helping the NeedyBulletin Board (Sansupus Village)9
Cattle ControlBulletin Board (Sansupus Village)9
The Angry HiveBulletin Board (Gilded Woods)10
Mad MedicinesBulletin Board (Gilded Woods)10
Sweetening the PotBulletin Board (Gilded Woods)11
Totem WarningBulletin Board (Zadaran)12
A Priestess in NeedPrivate Corrance (Dragon Knight)12
Expel the FirebeaksBulletin Board (Zadaran)12
Firefighter NeededBulletin Board (Zadaran)12
Heroic: Rabbini vs. Lavalight CaveVan Owen Rabbini (Lavalight Cave)12
Embers and EggsCorrance <Dragon Knight>12
Drive out the FlamecrestsBulletin Board (Zadaran)12
Burning EternalConstance (Patrolman)12
Exorcism RaidBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
An Invasive SpeciesBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
Carnivorous BaranosaurusCaptain Melvin Haan13
Panthers on the ProwlBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
The Grazing FieldsBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
Settling the WispsBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
Reindeer SeasonBulletin Board (Northern Watchtower)13
Most Wanted: Khabim BrotherhoodBulletin Board (Kellwoods Village)14
In Need of SeedsBulletin Board (Kellwoods Village)14
Vegetable SalvageBulletin Board (Kellwoods Village)14
Drive out the EvilBulletin Board (Kellwoods Village)15
The Mark of DeathBulletin Board (Kellwoods Village)15
Beware The BumblebeesMission Board17
Elite: Cultist's GoldBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)17
A Father's MistakeGodiva the Count's Daughter17
Elite: The CursedJessica17
Devil in the LavaBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
The Wandering DeadSir Leto17
Blossoming FireBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
Green MagicBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
The Hatchling CampaignBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)17
Flames of LifeBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
Hatching DevilsBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
Elite: Sweet ReleaseSir Leto17
Sorcerers of KhabimJessica17
Watch out for WaspsBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)17
Flaming TortoisesBulletin Board (Broken Caldera)17
Heroic: Rabbini vs. Carleon ManorVan Owen Rabbini (Carleon Manor)17
Elite: Defend the CoastBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)18
Elite: Ruthless CommanderBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)18
Elite: HeresyBulletin Board (Roaring Forest)18
Elite: Questions of LegitimacyBulletin Board (Cemetery)22
Cracking SkullsBulletin Board (Cemetery)22
Elite: Back from the DeadBulletin Board (Cemetery)22
Elite: The SurvivalistGrimm Golden22
... further results

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Wanted: Familiar FeedBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Plunder PillagerBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Let Nothing Go to WasteBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Bomb DefusalBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Hakanas UndercoverBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
The Iron GarrisonBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Scout BusterBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Firearm ExtinguisherBulletin Board (Garrison Camp)19
Retrieve GoodsBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Raider Round-upBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Feeding the FarmersBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Root of the ProblemBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Sustainable FarmingBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Opalium FarmBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
PermafrostBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Rescue MissionBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Royal RefundBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Fortress DefenseBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Attack on Utran IIBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Attack on Utran IBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Enemies of the KingdomBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Elite: Heretic BloodBulletin Board (Fort Baellas)21
Defeat the TitanClemence24
Rendezvous with ClemenceClemence<Oynx Order>24

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Stolen Oreum (Repeatable)Ellora's Spire Mission Board40

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

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