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Herein lie the tasks given to adventurers that do not directly further the objective of rescuing the princess, but are useful in bolstering the defenders of Hakanas from the forces of evil. Unlike repeatable quests, these requests will only be given once. However, once completed, they may unlock daily or repeatable quests.

Regions[edit | edit source]

Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Delicious Boar Hanging Boar 1
Feral Foxes Tortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den) 1
The Lost Ring Shining Ring (Quest) 1
The Royal Ring Crow (Quest Transparent) 1
Harrying Hogs I Local Foreman Allen 1
The Wolf's Den Tortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den) 1
Poron Gathering Rentie (Mycologist) 1
Raid the Warcamp Barrivus (Forest Guide) 2
Cutting off the Body Sir Rolen (Dragon Knight) 2
Defense Is the Best Offense Crow 2
Divine Assistance Crow 2
The Dragon Commander Paolo Roaman (Temple Knights) 2
Hot Shot Crow 2
Two-faced Ellora Crow 2
Nimble Jab Crow 2
Bags Aplenty Adina (General, Grocer) 2
Pandemonium Crow (Quest Transparent) 2
Braghin Ballistas Paolo Roaman (Temple Knights) 2
Cause of Death Wolfrick 3
Chiki the Tree Fairy Chiki the Tree Fairy (Next to Alex) 3
Sunsap Blossom Private Louie (Dragon Knights) 3
Supply Needs Celine (Dragon Knight) 3
Faded Trees Kylas (Elf) 3
Wolfrick vs. the Wolf Wolfrick 3
Beasts of the Night Wolfrick 3
Dangerously Inquisitive Crow (Quest Transparent) 4
Tempering Prep Dahf (Arms Merchant) 4
Extracting in Action Duff(Weapon Merchant) 4
Inugi in Danger Kylas(Elf) 4
Trust and Bravery Kylas (Elf) 4
Master Tempering Dahf <Arms Merchant> 4
An Introduction to Tempering Dahf (Weapon Merchant) 4
Winning the War Crow (Quest Transparent) 4
Woodland Familiar Truth Seer(Elf) 4
Behind the Braghins Crow (Quest Transparent) 4
Pet: A New Perspective Truth Seer(Elf) 4
Braghin Buddy Inugi 4
Braghin Treasure Jennie(General, Grocer) 4

Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Strength In Unity Stuart 5
Crafting: Alchemy Ascendant Hooban 6
Crafting: All about Reagents Hooban 6
Crafting: Barbre, Bardercrafter John Henry Barbre 6
Crafting: Barding Materials John Henry Barbre 6
Crafting: Chef's First Steps Chef Thomas 6
Crafting: Cooking to Survive Craftmaster Blueton 6
Crafting: Familiar Reinforcement Craftmaster Blueton 6
Crafting: Ingredients for Success Chef Thomas 6
Crafting: The Miracle Man Craftmaster Blueton 6
True Beauty Corinne Bouvier 6
A Lady's Pursuits Stuart (Royal Home Affairs Official) 6
Protect the Farm Gareth Bane (Capital Guard) 13
Protect the Farm II Gareth Bane (Capital Guard) 13
Chiki Directions Chiki the Tree Fairy (Hakain's Crossing) 13
Protect the Farm III Gareth Bane (Capital Guard) 13
Protecting the Farm Aaron 13
Crafting: Accessorize Craftmaster Blueton 13
Crafting: Corinne's Pride Corinne Bouvier 13
Crafting: Jewels of the Trade Corinne Bouvier 13
The Dangerous Tome Bertrand the Library Administrator 13
The Forbidden Tome Bertrand the Library Administrator 13
The Hidden Tome Bertrand the Library Administrator 13
The Lost Tome Bertrand the Library Administrator 13
Lover's Letter Charlotte (Village Lady) 13
Agrarian Hero Gareth Bane (Capital Guard) 13
Blueton's Advice Craftmaster Blueton 13
Crafting: A Weapon's Make Kyklop 18
Crafting: Forging the Weapon Kyklop 18
Crafting: Hand-Crafted Weapons Craftmaster Blueton 18
Crafting: The Nature of Armor I Craftmaster Blueton 18
Crafting: The Nature of Armor II Joyce 18
Crafting: The Stuff of Armor Joyce 18
Talent: Filling the Talent Orb Priest of the Divine Dragon Island 18
Eggs Unhatched Marin 24
The Red Ambush Marin 24

Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Reindeer Pains Denzel (Injured Shepherd) 7
Seal: Reindeer's Power, Risen Diehl_Beast Trainer 7
Seal: Reindeer's Power, Sealed Diehl_Beast Trainer 7
Secret of the Sage Grass Ive (Ruins Sentry) 7
A Case of Murdeer Rancher Herbert 7
A Web of Danger Nikam (Potion Merchant) 7
Medicine Delivery Maria 7
Camp Improvements Ralph (Hakanas Soldier) 8
Escort Jeffy to Safety Jeffy 8
The Dark Wolf Bolt (Outfitter) 8
Food Shortage Migran (Merchant) 8
The Rancher's Resolution Jensen (Sheperd) 8
The Young Shepherd Rancher Herbert 8
Jeffy's Salvation Find Jeffy <Young Shepard> 8
Old Friend Ricappo 8
Captive Paul Rabbini (Hakanas Highlands) 9
The Hunter Hunted Amos (In front of Jack's cave) 9
Lost Merchant Migran (Merchant) 9
Big Game Kaal the Hunter (In front of Jack's cave) 9
Power of the Hunter Kaal the Hunter (In front of Jack's cave) 9
Rabbits are Rabbits Sophia (Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law) 10
Ronaldo Rabbini Deric (Crossbow Master's son) 10
Dangerous Hives Lauren (Black and Tan Traders) 10
Stamina Supplement Deric (Crossbow Master's son) 10
The Rabbini Menace Deric (Crossbow Master's son) 10
Jedury's Treasure Jedury (General Goods Merchant) 10
A Revelation Hidden Obelisk 10
An Amazing Product Jedury (General Goods Merchant) 10
Attack of the Bees Sophia (Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law) 10
Bitter Medicine Sophia(Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law) 10
Burnt Document Blazing Fire (Invisible Object) 10
Dark Stones Logan 11
Rabbini Hunt Zebia Koter 12
Crisis in Zadaran Zhamis Katarr 12
Stolen Belongings Missus Malone 12
Hakain's Promise Zebia Koter 12
A Crying Child Mars (Crying Child) 12
A Fiery Thirst Chapley Singer (Kingdom Priest) 12
Ousting the Rabbini Hugh (Farmer's Son) 12
Phoenix-esque Zebia Koter 12
Say it with Confidence Thomas (Northern Guardsman) 13
Interpretation Support Exarahnian Book 13
Land of Beasts Lucas <Guard> 13
A Lesson in Courage Thomas (Cowardly Guard) 13
Valuable Information Captain Melvin Haan 13
Black Boulder Logan (Northern Guardsman) 13
Prehistoric Challenge Melwood (Explorer) 14
Reinforcing the Watch Hunter Lokke 14
Save the Lake Craftsman Iliad 14
Headstone at the Lake Melwood (Explorer) 14
Lost Souls Melwood (Explorer) 14
Cover of Darkness John Clakey 15
Return of the Legend Militia Commander Berdo 15
Take What You Can Get Drex (Lost Guardsman) 15
Future Harvest Elder James 15
Herbs at the Water's Edge John Clakey 15
Khabimist Extermination Militia Commander Berdo 15
A Cut Above Militia Commander Berdo 15
A Farmer's Regret Farmer Matthew 15
A Father's Nightmare Harry (Boy Who Turned into a Reindeer) 15
Vampire Peasant Farmer Matthew 15
Missing in Action Militia Commander Berdo 15
Berdo's Glory Days Militia Commander Berdo 15
Carving a Path Sarnik 16
The Garlic Test Peggy (Grocer) 16
The Gatekeeper Lebrohn Quotrr (Combat Skills Master) 16
Maids in Hiding Militia Commander Berdo 16
No More Vampires Lis 16
Bloody Servant Militia Commander Berdo 16
Predatory Competition Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
Conquered Village Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
Damsel in Distress 1 Jessica 17
Delicious Paws Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
Stinger Harvest Aurelia 17
The Clakey Brothers Complex Knight Layla 17
Extermination Aurelia (Pharmacist) 17
The Fang Trade Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
FootHills Reclaimed Mazis (Tanner) 17
Glory to Averis Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
Hungry Hunters Kude the Cook (Averis Hunters) 17
Tools on the Roof Mazis (Tanner) 17
Kill the Khabimists Rostham of Dragon Knights 17
Landing Party Captain Chaser (Averis Hunters) 17
Lines of Communication Legis (Averis Hunters) 17
Mark of Death Complex Knight Layla 17
Woodcutting Break Mazis (Tanner) 17
Pet: Rabbini and Friends Van Owen Rabbini (Carleon Manor) 17
Tempest in the Caldera Private Rosette 18
Threats to the Kingdom Private Trid 18
Rabbit Robbers Bruco (Onyx Order) 22
Corpse Eaters Natalie <Farmer's Wife> 22
Remnants of Exarahn Camp Commander Rogers 22
Revolting Work August (Arms Dealer) 22
Risen from the Dead Haslem 22
Robbing the Robbers Bruco (Onyx Order) 22
Skeleton Soldiers Canavan Beast Trainer 22
Spidersilk Innovations Bell (Inventor) 22
Traces of the Past Elisabeth (Magic Skill Master) 22
Elite+: Wight Walkers Zeloth (Frozen Path) 23
Dragons in the Way Harmon (Aspirant) 24


Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Retrieval Mission Private Sorina 20
Defending the Watchtowers Private Sorina 20
Source of Water Famku'rahn <Master Builder> 20
Disease Control Famku'rahn <Master Builder> 20
Striking Distance Private Zellan 20
Swept Away Mazu'rahn <Laborer> 20
Fairy Infestation Kukhat (Merchant) 20
Fire Bombs Commander Bakir 20
The Skan Raiders Private Sorina 20
Total Defense Commander Bakir 20
A Beautiful Bridge Bulletin Board (Cloudy Farms) 20
Aerial Dominance Private Zellan 20
Opalium Mining Mazu'rahn <Laborer> 20
Open Rabbini Season Kukhat (Merchant) 20
Birds of Burden Juan (Familiar Guard) 20
By the Horns Cyneth Mayer (Onyx Order) 21
Captives at the Wall Tortus 21
Clipping the Enemy's Wings Cyneth Mayer <Onyx Order> 21
Raiders in Force Cyneth Mayer <Onyx Order> 21
Ruler of the Reef Jennifer 21
Sabotage Ferard (Onyx Order) 21
Danger at the Bulwark Tortus 21
Silencing Scroll (Quest) Watson (Familiar) 21
Strange Creatures Jennifer 21
Target of Revenge Jennifer 21
Tempest Dragon Crow <Onyx Order> 21
Fallen Monument Cyneth Mayer (Onyx Order) 21
Familiar Master of the Sea Crow (Onyx Order) 21
The Lost Scholar Tortus <Guard Captain> 21
The Strongest Warrior Cyneth Mayer (Onyx Order) 21
Threat of the Frost Guard Tortus <Guard Captain> 21
Traitors Tortus <Guard Captain> 21
Loose Ends Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Loose Ends: Fickle Spirits Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Loose Ends: Frost Memento Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Loose Ends: The Titan's Steps I Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Loose Ends: The Titan's Steps II Crow (Onyx Order) 21
Loose Ends: Titanic Madness Crow (Onyx Order) 21
A Worker's Keepsake Jennifer 21
No News Is Good News Professor Mezaks 21
Breaking the Defense Tortus (Guard Captain) 21

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Dragon Passing Andy <Pegasus Knight> 35
Ellora's Wind Sargaso 35
Fixer-upper Poe <HST Gorkahn Captain> 35
Fundamental Solution Sargaso 35
Island Sentry Jody <Pegasus Knight> 35
Tritael's Treasure Jelnar <Tritael Rift Priest> 35
Volcanic Hatchling Jody <Pegasus Knight> 35
Ashen Wings Kha <HST Gorkahn Vice Captain> 35
Mysterious Energy Kha <HST Gorkahn Vice Captain> 35
Newborn Dragon Sargaso 35
Save the Familiars Quanomar <Familiar Trapper> 36
Shieldbreakers Oscar <Pegasus Knight lieutenant> 36
Suspicious Hunter Mullec <Virtue> 36
The Burning Heart Trichia 36
The Dark Heart Nartia 36
For the Suffering Son Mullec <Virtue> 36
The Source Lady Olivier 36
The Unsettled Bones Errol 36
The Wild Heart Trichia 36
Immesurable Threat Oscar <Pegasus Knight Lieutenant> 36
To The Death Errol 36
A Sophisticated Hobby Lady Olivier 36
Waking Devil Lady Olivier 36
Offering a Secret Quanomar <Familiar Trapper> 36
Pegasus Knights In Need Errol (Pegasus Knight Captain) 36
Brutal Beings Trichia 36
Cursed Research Mullec <Virtue> 37
Terminate Teranus Errol <Pegasus Knight Captain> 37
Healthy Roots Mullec (Virtue) 37
Timeless Music Rogal <Pegasus Knight> 37
Valuable Collection Rogal <Pegasus Knight> 37
Poison Research Mullec <Virtue> 37
Scales and Blood Robinson 38
Dark Hunt Silas <Pegasus Knight> 38
Stones and Orbs Robinson 38
Expensive Minerals Hattie <Pegasus Knight> 38
Fall of the Fallen Knight Errol <Pegasus Knight Captain> 38
Gargoyle Hunt Oscar <Pegasus Knight Vice Captain> 38
Gone Too Far Silas <Pegasus Knight> 38
Trium Hunt Hattie <Pegasus Knight> 38
Bones and Horns Robinson 38
A Modest Favor Paolo <Alchemist> 39

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

Mission Name Starting NPC Minimum level
Death Approaches ?? 0
Trail of the Princess (Cloying Wastes) Princess Lania's Cloth 0
Principles of Diplomacy Elena (Onyx Order) 42
Daughter's Will Yusei's Grave 42
Dust and Stone Nurr 42

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)