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Herein lie the tasks given to adventurers that do not directly further the objective of rescuing the princess, but are useful in bolstering the defenders of Hakanas from the forces of evil. Unlike repeatable quests, these requests will only be given once. However, once completed, they may unlock daily or repeatable quests.

Regions[edit | edit source]

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Feral FoxesTortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den)1
Poron GatheringRentie (Mycologist)1
Harrying Hogs ILocal Foreman Allen1
The Lost RingShining Ring (Quest)1
The Royal RingCrow (Quest Transparent)1
Delicious BoarHanging Boar1
The Wolf's DenTortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den)1
The Dragon CommanderPaolo Roaman (Temple Knights)2
Divine AssistanceCrow2
Braghin BallistasPaolo Roaman (Temple Knights)2
Nimble JabCrow2
Two-faced ElloraCrow2
Bags AplentyAdina (General, Grocer)2
Raid the WarcampBarrivus (Forest Guide)2
Hot ShotCrow2
PandemoniumCrow (Quest Transparent)2
Cutting off the BodySir Rolen (Dragon Knight)2
Defense Is the Best OffenseCrow2
Chiki the Tree FairyChiki the Tree Fairy (Next to Alex)3
Supply NeedsCeline (Dragon Knight)3
Beasts of the NightWolfrick3
Wolfrick vs. the WolfWolfrick3
Cause of DeathWolfrick3
Sunsap BlossomPrivate Louie (Dragon Knights)3
Faded TreesKylas (Elf)3
Extracting in ActionDuff(Weapon Merchant)4
Behind the BraghinsCrow (Quest Transparent)4
Woodland FamiliarTruth Seer(Elf)4
An Introduction to TemperingDahf (Weapon Merchant)4
Trust and BraveryKylas (Elf)4
Winning the WarCrow (Quest Transparent)4
Dangerously InquisitiveCrow (Quest Transparent)4
Braghin BuddyInugi4
Tempering PrepDahf (Arms Merchant)4
Master TemperingDahf <Arms Merchant>4
Braghin TreasureJennie(General, Grocer)4
Pet: A New PerspectiveTruth Seer(Elf)4
Inugi in DangerKylas(Elf)4

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Strength In UnityStuart5
Crafting: Chef's First StepsChef Thomas6
Crafting: Barbre, BardercrafterJohn Henry Barbre6
Crafting: Barding MaterialsJohn Henry Barbre6
Crafting: Familiar ReinforcementCraftmaster Blueton6
True BeautyCorinne Bouvier6
Crafting: All about ReagentsHooban6
Crafting: The Miracle ManCraftmaster Blueton6
Crafting: Alchemy AscendantHooban6
Crafting: Ingredients for SuccessChef Thomas6
Crafting: Cooking to SurviveCraftmaster Blueton6
A Lady's PursuitsStuart (Royal Home Affairs Official)6
Chiki DirectionsChiki the Tree Fairy (Hakain's Crossing)13
Protect the FarmGareth Bane (Capital Guard)13
Protect the Farm IIGareth Bane (Capital Guard)13
The Dangerous TomeBertrand the Library Administrator13
Lover's LetterCharlotte (Village Lady)13
The Hidden TomeBertrand the Library Administrator13
The Lost TomeBertrand the Library Administrator13
Crafting: Corinne's PrideCorinne Bouvier13
Crafting: Jewels of the TradeCorinne Bouvier13
Agrarian HeroGareth Bane (Capital Guard)13
Protect the Farm IIIGareth Bane (Capital Guard)13
Blueton's AdviceCraftmaster Blueton13
Crafting: AccessorizeCraftmaster Blueton13
Protecting the FarmAaron13
The Forbidden TomeBertrand the Library Administrator13
Crafting: The Nature of Armor ICraftmaster Blueton18
Crafting: The Stuff of ArmorJoyce18
Crafting: A Weapon's MakeKyklop18
Crafting: Hand-Crafted WeaponsCraftmaster Blueton18
Talent: Filling the Talent OrbPriest of the Divine Dragon Island18
Crafting: Forging the WeaponKyklop18
Crafting: The Nature of Armor IIJoyce18
Eggs UnhatchedMarin24
The Red AmbushMarin24

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Reindeer PainsDenzel (Injured Shepherd)7
Medicine DeliveryMaria7
A Web of DangerNikam (Potion Merchant)7
Seal: Reindeer's Power, SealedDiehl_Beast Trainer7
Secret of the Sage GrassIve (Ruins Sentry)7
Seal: Reindeer's Power, RisenDiehl_Beast Trainer7
A Case of MurdeerRancher Herbert7
Escort Jeffy to SafetyJeffy8
Camp ImprovementsRalph (Hakanas Soldier)8
The Dark WolfBolt (Outfitter)8
Old FriendRicappo8
Food ShortageMigran (Merchant)8
The Young ShepherdRancher Herbert8
The Rancher's ResolutionJensen (Sheperd)8
Jeffy's SalvationFind Jeffy <Young Shepard>8
The Hunter HuntedAmos (In front of Jack's cave)9
Lost MerchantMigran (Merchant)9
Big GameKaal the Hunter (In front of Jack's cave)9
Power of the HunterKaal the Hunter (In front of Jack's cave)9
CaptivePaul Rabbini (Hakanas Highlands)9
Burnt DocumentBlazing Fire (Invisible Object)10
Ronaldo RabbiniDeric (Crossbow Master's son)10
The Rabbini MenaceDeric (Crossbow Master's son)10
Attack of the BeesSophia (Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law)10
An Amazing ProductJedury (General Goods Merchant)10
Dangerous HivesLauren (Black and Tan Traders)10
Bitter MedicineSophia(Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law)10
Stamina SupplementDeric (Crossbow Master's son)10
A RevelationHidden Obelisk10
Jedury's TreasureJedury (General Goods Merchant)10
Rabbits are RabbitsSophia (Crossbow Master's Daughter-in-Law)10
Dark StonesLogan11
Stolen BelongingsMissus Malone12
Phoenix-esqueZebia Koter12
Rabbini HuntZebia Koter12
Hakain's PromiseZebia Koter12
A Crying ChildMars (Crying Child)12
Crisis in ZadaranZhamis Katarr12
A Fiery ThirstChapley Singer (Kingdom Priest)12
Ousting the RabbiniHugh (Farmer's Son)12
Interpretation SupportExarahnian Book13
A Lesson in CourageThomas (Cowardly Guard)13
Black BoulderLogan (Northern Guardsman)13
Say it with ConfidenceThomas (Northern Guardsman)13
Land of BeastsLucas <Guard>13
Valuable InformationCaptain Melvin Haan13
Lost SoulsMelwood (Explorer)14
Headstone at the LakeMelwood (Explorer)14
Reinforcing the WatchHunter Lokke14
Save the LakeCraftsman Iliad14
... further results

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Fire BombsCommander Bakir20
Aerial DominancePrivate Zellan20
Disease ControlFamku'rahn <Master Builder>20
Striking DistancePrivate Zellan20
Defending the WatchtowersPrivate Sorina20
Open Rabbini SeasonKukhat (Merchant)20
Swept AwayMazu'rahn <Laborer>20
Retrieval MissionPrivate Sorina20
Opalium MiningMazu'rahn <Laborer>20
Birds of BurdenJuan (Familiar Guard)20
A Beautiful BridgeBulletin Board (Cloudy Farms)20
Fairy InfestationKukhat (Merchant)20
Total DefenseCommander Bakir20
The Skan RaidersPrivate Sorina20
Source of WaterFamku'rahn <Master Builder>20
Loose Ends: The Titan's Steps IICrow (Onyx Order)21
Clipping the Enemy's WingsCyneth Mayer <Onyx Order>21
Loose Ends: The Titan's Steps ICrow (Onyx Order)21
Strange CreaturesJennifer21
Familiar Master of the SeaCrow (Onyx Order)21
TraitorsTortus <Guard Captain>21
SabotageFerard (Onyx Order)21
Loose Ends: Frost MementoCrow (Onyx Order)21
By the HornsCyneth Mayer (Onyx Order)21
Captives at the WallTortus21
Fallen MonumentCyneth Mayer (Onyx Order)21
No News Is Good NewsProfessor Mezaks21
Danger at the BulwarkTortus21
Silencing Scroll (Quest)Watson (Familiar)21
Loose Ends: Titanic MadnessCrow (Onyx Order)21
Threat of the Frost GuardTortus <Guard Captain>21
Breaking the DefenseTortus (Guard Captain)21
A Worker's KeepsakeJennifer21
Loose EndsCrow (Onyx Order)21
Target of RevengeJennifer21
Tempest DragonCrow <Onyx Order>21
The Lost ScholarTortus <Guard Captain>21
The Strongest WarriorCyneth Mayer (Onyx Order)21
Loose Ends: Fickle SpiritsCrow (Onyx Order)21
Raiders in ForceCyneth Mayer <Onyx Order>21
Ruler of the ReefJennifer21

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Ashen WingsKha <HST Gorkahn Vice Captain>35
Island SentryJody <Pegasus Knight>35
Mysterious EnergyKha <HST Gorkahn Vice Captain>35
Newborn DragonSargaso35
Ellora's WindSargaso35
Tritael's TreasureJelnar <Tritael Rift Priest>35
Fixer-upperPoe <HST Gorkahn Captain>35
Dragon PassingAndy <Pegasus Knight>35
Volcanic HatchlingJody <Pegasus Knight>35
Fundamental SolutionSargaso35
For the Suffering SonMullec <Virtue>36
A Sophisticated HobbyLady Olivier36
The Wild HeartTrichia36
ShieldbreakersOscar <Pegasus Knight lieutenant>36
To The DeathErrol36
The SourceLady Olivier36
The Unsettled BonesErrol36
The Dark HeartNartia36
Save the FamiliarsQuanomar <Familiar Trapper>36
Suspicious HunterMullec <Virtue>36
Waking DevilLady Olivier36
Offering a SecretQuanomar <Familiar Trapper>36
Pegasus Knights In NeedErrol (Pegasus Knight Captain)36
The Burning HeartTrichia36
Brutal BeingsTrichia36
Immesurable ThreatOscar <Pegasus Knight Lieutenant>36
Terminate TeranusErrol <Pegasus Knight Captain>37
Healthy RootsMullec (Virtue)37
Cursed ResearchMullec <Virtue>37
Timeless MusicRogal <Pegasus Knight>37
Valuable CollectionRogal <Pegasus Knight>37
Poison ResearchMullec <Virtue>37
Gone Too FarSilas <Pegasus Knight>38
Expensive MineralsHattie <Pegasus Knight>38
Bones and HornsRobinson38
Gargoyle HuntOscar <Pegasus Knight Vice Captain>38
Dark HuntSilas <Pegasus Knight>38
Trium HuntHattie <Pegasus Knight>38
Scales and BloodRobinson38
Fall of the Fallen KnightErrol <Pegasus Knight Captain>38
Stones and OrbsRobinson38
A Modest FavorPaolo <Alchemist>39

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

Mission NameObtained FromMinimum Level
Daughter's WillYusei's Grave42
Principles of DiplomacyElena (Onyx Order)42
Dust and StoneNurr42

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

(Mission Name) (Obtained From)

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