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All Quests in game are shared by every class, aside from an introductory quest that demonstrates class-specific skills within the Dragon Knight station.

Regions[edit | edit source]

Quest NameObtained FromStory Quest OrderRequires level
Prison BreakEvent11
Getting Your BearingsTortus (Quest Transparent)21
Medical NeedsCrow (Quest Transparent)31
Tending to the WoundedRena(Nurse)41
Fighting FiresCrow (Quest Transparent)51
Forest Fire ILocal Foreman Allen61
Forest Fire IILocal Foreman Allen71
Savage BeastsLocal Foreman Allen81
The Wolf QueenTortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den)91
The Crow and the DragonTortus (Quest Transparent, In front of Wolf Den)101
Precious RecollectionsCrow111
Hakanas's TrainersCrow121
Rules of CommunionLotea131
Familiar ExamLotea141
Lost HammerCullaghan163
Barrier BreakingCullaghan172
Into the Ruins (Southern Ruins)Crow184
Sounds UnknownWolfrick192
Phoenix in NeedJaden202
Mysterious PotionAlex (Dragon Knight Lieutenant)223
Preparatory MissionTruth Seer(Elf)233
Truthsight PotionTruth Seer (Elf)243
Ruins SpecterAlex(Dragon Knight Lieutenant)253
Taking FlightAlex(Dragon Knight Lieutenant)263
Hammer and ChiselCrow (Quest Transparent)273
The ChiselKylas(Elf)283
Barrier BreakerCrow (Quest Transparent)294
A Time For HelpCrow (Quest Transparent)304
WebbedDahf (Arms Merchant)314
Expression of GratitudeKeersha (Adventurer)324
Crow's SummonsDuff(Weapon Merchant)334
Into the Ruins (Northern Ruins)Crow346
Bring Down That BarrierRena (Female Knight)356

Quest NameObtained FromStory Quest OrderRequires level
The Guardian Dragon's AdviceVelzeroth135
Traces of TritaelArchivist Bretrand235
To the RiftMaster Yulnus335
Closed PortMarin924
Hakain's Crossing (quest)Darris367
Audience with the KingGarland (Dispatch Commander)375
Orders from the KingKing Ron Fraine IX385
The Big CityMaster Yulnus <Virtue>395
The Familiar AcademyStuart405
Outfitting Your FamiliarDirector Willow415
VirtueCraftmaster Blueton425
Destabilizing Your FoesVirtue Linetta435
Yulnus's MessageVirtue Linetta445
The Long Journey UpMaster Yulnus456
Crisis in the HighlandsRaglans (Transit Shrine Keeper)466
Message from CrowMaster Yulnus7013
Securing the Kingdom ICrow7113
Securing the Kingdom IIVirtue Linetta (In front of the castle wall)7213
Securing the Kingdom IIIBehain (Elgrain Farm)7313
Artisanal SuppliesVirtue Linetta (In front of the Elgrain Farms)7413
Crow's MessageCraftmaster Blueton7513
Trouble in the NorthCrow7613
Eastern CrossingBrody (Guard)7713
Northern WatchtowerAzzar the Guard7813
Talent: Strength UnlockedPriest of the Divine Dragon Island10318
Crow's CallingPriest of the Divine Dragon Island10418
The Stolen StateCrow10518
Traces of LightRipley Gain (Dragon Knights)10618
In the BagBehain Scale (Onyx Order)10718
Suspiciously DrunkCraftmaster Blueton10820
Hangover CureStrongarm Stevens <Adventurer>10920
The CulpritStevens Night Hawk <Adventurer>11020
A Matter of StateEkaterina (Elder Duke's Daughter)11120
Kingdom in DarknessBehain Skeron <Onyx Order>11220
Invasion from Within ICrow11320
Invasion from Within IIVirtue Linetta (In front of the training yard)11420
Invasion from Within IIIKing Ron Fraine IX11520
Missing RenaCrow11620
A Truth RevealedHomer11720
To the SeaDahrven11820
Take to the SkiesRaglans (Transit Shrine Keeper)11920
The Sea of Hakanas (quest)Marin12020

Quest NameObtained FromStory Quest OrderRequires level
Dark ResurrectionVirtue Baros122
Mage of DeathVirtue Baros222
The Liberation of MatrenZeloth (Frozen Path)324
The Frozen MinesVirtue Baros323
The Guardian's GateZeloth (Frozen Path)424
Gravity WellDraden524
This Gate is Closed IHarmon (Aspirant)624
This Gate is Closed IIHarmon (Aspirant)724
Contact from MarinField Magister Draden (At the Guardian's Gate)824
Stones of CorruptionMaria477
The Scholarly KhabimistsIve (Ruins Sentry)477
Khabim's CorruptionIve (Ruins Sentry)487
Werewolves AplentyMaria498
By Hook or by CrookMaria508
The AlphaRancher Herbert518
Of Wolves and HumansAmos (In front of Jack's cave)528
Forbidden ExperimentAmos (In front of Jack's cave)538
Hunter's CaveAmos (In front of Jack's cave)549
A Bolt for a BunnyMaria5510
Lost HunterDuke (Crossbow Master)5610
Dangerous ManeaterGunther's Corpse5710
Masterful GoodsDuke (Crossbow Master)5810
The Cowardly GrandsonRick (Crossbow Master's grandson)5910
To ZadaranDuke (Crossbow Master)6012
The SurvivorsMayor Serlian6112
Death from AboveZebia Koter6212
The True SourceJordi (Dragon Knights)6312
A Stranger's BetrayalJordi (Dragon Knights)6412
To Lavalight CaveZebia Koter6511
Dragon SlayerPrivate Corrance (Dragon Knight)6612
Through Fire and FlameConstance (Patrolman)6712
Knight's HonorConstance (Patrolman)6812
Reporting InPrivate Corrance (Dragon Knight)6915
Salant's CorruptionCaptain Melvin Haan7913
Harnessing FireAiden (Weapon, Armor Merchant)8013
The Fisherman and the LakeCaptain Melvin Haan8113
Dangerous MaterialsHunter Lokke8213
Master of the LakeHunter Lokke8314
Informing the ArcanumHunter Lokke8414
Magic Inscribed in BloodAspirant Azalia (Magic Skills Master)8515
Hard DecisionsLebrohn Quotrr (Combat Skills Master)8615
The Fox in the Hen HouseSir Levin Kotter8715
The Maid and the MonstersAspirant Azalia (Magic Skills Master)8816
The Mad CountJessica8917
Source of the ChaosJessica9017
Vile RitualCaptain Rostham (Dragon Knights)9117
To the Hunters' CampgroundRostham of Dragon Knights9217
Queen's RansomCaptain Chaser (Averis Hunters)9317
Population ControlCaptain Chaser (Averis Hunters)9417
Tanner VillageCaptain Chaser (Averis Hunters)9517
Blinded CoastCaptain Chaser (Averis Hunters)9617
Roaring ReforestingCaptain Chaser (Averis Hunters)9717
Chasing the HeatVirtue Baros9818
How to Fly HigherPrivate Rosette9918
To Fly HigherPriest of the Divine Dragon Island10018
To Fly Higher IIFrayer (Priest of Nerhes)10118
Familiar AblazeFrayer10218

Quest NameObtained FromStory Quest OrderRequires level
Secure the PassageCommander Bakir12119
The Assault BeginsCommander Bakir12220
Lightning WarCommander Bakir12320
The AuteurCommander Bakir12420

Obtained From Mission name

Obtained From Mission name

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