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Upon unlocking the Taming skill (press 'k' and switch to the 'Mount' tab), put it into a hotkey. Then, find a monster you want to tame, hold your mouse over it. It will say if you need to fulfill some more requirements first or "cannot be tamed."

Toggle the skill by pressing the skill key once. The icon should turn red. Cautiously approach the creature you want to tame (from behind works best). A large space bar icon should appear near your character. When it does, press space and try to land on the familiar you want to tame.

Then, it's luck. Success increases by lowering the health of the creature. The game will randomly assign successes/fails to the bars. Successes increase the green bar, which you want, and fails increase the red bar, which is bad. Sometimes, one of the four icons above the bar will start glowing. Press the appropriate WASD key for a success boost.

After failing, you can go back into taming mode, and the mob will turn hostile. I recommend teleporting away with whatever class skill you have, and then going into taming mode again once you're out of the way. Killing the mob and waiting for another one to spawn with better RNG works too.


  • The 'B' key opens the Bestiary. It'll help you figure out what to do to tame special familiars, and it has collections which give you stuff for taming certain groups of familiars. I recommend you go to the "Collections" tab ASAP and make sure that you're taming all of the relevant ones that you come across.
  • The higher a monster's level is than yours, the more likely you are to get fails while taming it. Conversely, the higher the level you are the more successes you will have.
  • Jumping on a Monster's back before being aggro'd will give you the chance to press a WASD key right at the start. Ground beasts are best approached from behind and Flying beasts can be jumped on from a higher altitude. This needs a little training though to jump on a moving flying beast. This strategy is highly useful for Heroic and higher mounts, which generally are very difficult to tame.


Monsters, tamed and in the wild, have different grades: Common, Elite, Heroic, and Legendary. The higher a monsters grade, the slower it will level up.

Common monsters are your most typical mob. Generally, the Common ground mounts have 6.00 speed, though a select few have 5.50 or 6.50. Common air units have, typically, 9.00 speed and not much EP* or maximum height.

Elite monsters are your bosses. Generally, Elite ground mounts have about 7.00 speed. Elite air units also have about 9.00 speed, although they tend to have significantly more EP and a higher maximum height.

  • The first tameable Elite mob that the player comes into contact with is Pritsha the Cannibal, a cool red-white wolf. She has no special taming conditions, but is sometimes mobbed by a bunch of people.
  • The second tameable Elite mob is available soon after - Cold Tusk, a boar. He has special taming conditions, so go to his wiki page for info on how to do it.
  • The third tameable Elite mob is Taslan the Devourer, a spider. Taslan is a field boss in the Northern Ruins dungeon, and it also has special taming conditions. Harder to get than Cold Tusk, but still worthwhile, especially for mages.

Heroic monsters are the best that your typical player will tame. Heroic ground mounts have 7.25+ speed, and absurdly high EP and HP. Heroic air mounts have at least 10.00 speed, and considerably more EP and HP than their Elite and Common counterparts. They can also fly higher.

Legendary mounts are the true best of the best. As of the writing of this sentence, there are only 5 in the game. Legendry mounts are the most diffacult of tames some reqire you to lower there health points before you can tame them others are in attackable the ones you must lower health points on it is best to take them to 10-5% and use a tameing chance item for extra ease of success as well it is best to do a reset tame were you pull the mount away till it begins to go back to were you started jumping on before it goes full hp this way it starts you out in the calm mode and gives you more of a green line rather then a red,the unattackable mounts those are just pure luck realy no way to get a easy success on them.

A mount gets EXP by simply being in use you can also get EXP for them by using pots or putting them in fostering in your familiar farm. If you want to go afk, at the very least get on a mount and sit it on the ground for the free EXP. Leveling up a familiar refills its EP bar and increases its HP and EP. Leveling up a familiar will not increase its speed!

A number of regions (Exharan Badlands, Parna's Coast, Tritael Rift, etc.) give global status debuffs to different effects. While Common and Elite mounts sometimes have resistances to the effects from 1 region, only Heroic and Legendary mounts have passive resistances to all regions.

*EP stands for Endurance points, and is the yellow bar that appears below your HP while handling a mount.


You can turn your familiar into a pet by using an appropriate pet scroll. The type of pet scroll required is based off the level and rarity of the familiar.

Pets have different abilities that can assist the player in battle. Pets do little damage when actually attacking - therefore, if you want to make a combat pet, focus on it's passives and actives instead of its attack/DPS.

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