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Parameters[edit source]

The name of the quest if it is different from the page's name. (optional)
quest type
The type of quest, i.e. story vs repeatable.
A map showing the location of the quest and/or objectives.
The region the quest takes place in.
minimum level
The minimum level required to accept the quest.
maximum level
The maximum level at which the quest can be completed.
appropriate level
The suggested level of the quest.
preceding quest
The quest proceeding and required by this quest.
next quest
The quest following after this quest is finished (can be added later).
granting npc
The npc that grants the quest.
reward npc
The npc who completes the quest and give the rewards.
exp reward
The amount of exp rewarded by the quest.
money reward
The amount of money rewarded by the quest.
default item rewards
The items that are always reward by the quest.
selectable rewards
A set of rewards from which only one can be selected.
The steps which must be undertaken to complete the quest.

This template defines the table "Quests". View table.