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Transcendence System

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This system allows Riders to absorb identical gear and weapons to enhance and upgrade the stats of another.

How does it work?

Riders need to acquire an identical piece of gear or weapon, and a Modest or Austere Heroic Transcending Stone. Upgrade levels on identical gear and weapons do not increase/decrease the bonus. Modest and Austere Heroic Transcending Stones can be purchase from the NPC “Narain”, Armor Merchant in Ellora Sanctuary. Legendary Transcending Stones can also drop from legendary dungeon bosses. Once you have an identical item and a Transcending Stone, right-click the Transcending Stone.

Transcending Stone.png

If the transcending should fail Legendary Items won't disapaear only the Transcending Stone will disappear. At Heroic transcending the Transcending Stone and the transcending Item will get lost.

What does it do?

All primary stats on the selected gear are increased by 1 or 2 points per level. The increase in stats is not random. You can transcend a Item up to 5 times no matter what grade the Item is.

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